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This mod is adding all the achievements to your Games for Windows account. I haven't been banned for it and i don't think anyone will ever get. But i don't take any responsibility if it happens.

Put the files in your GTA IV/EFLC folder.
Then go ingame and press ALT+F12.


söndagen den 2:e februari 2014

[Garry's Mod] Chat Spammer [LUA]

Hello what's up, haven't released anything for a while now. But i'm back, and now i'm going to release a chat spammer made for Garry's Mod. If you wan't to try it out on a public server, I would recommend you to bypass sv_allowcslua and probably sv_cheats to 1.

Using Cheat Engine won't work anymore, just telling you. I don't take any responsibility for any VAC bans (if you're using the wrong type of bypass and getting detected by VAC). I am using something called cvar3, which force sv_allowcslua and sv_cheats to 1 on all servers.

Anyway, after bypassing with cvar3 (use google), download the file below and put it in: Steam\SteamApps\common\GarrysMod\garrysmod\lua

Click here to download spam.lua

Note: This script was made for TTT and sandbox. Won't work on any other gamemodes.
But if you really want me to fix that so send an email about it. (

:: Retard Notice ::
For those who can't read the code:
Set spam_enabled to 1 to start, and 0 to disable.
Set spam_message to the message you want to spam.

If any links stop working, just comment it or send me a mail.  Enjoy spamming!

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Sony Vegas Pro 10 Keygen (Digital Insanity) (2013) (Download here)

Here's the Digital Insanity Keygen for Sony Vegas Pro 10 and some other softwares. Enjoy it!!
Install Vegas Pro 10, open up the Keygen, show it the installation location then patch it.
Then you just start Vegas Pro and register it with the key that Digital Insanity gave you.

If you're having some problems then just watch my video:

Sony Vegas Pro 10 Installer
Digital Insanity Keygen