Server Rules

  • No mic/chat spamming.
  • Respect the players.
  • It's not allowed to teamkill on purpose. If you did it on accident you MUST apologize.
  • Listen and respect the administrators.


GTA 4 - EFLC: Aimbot Mod (Undetected)

Anyone interested? I can release it and add a download link. The video is a preview of the first version of the mod. I updated it a bit a while ago but have not released a video of it.



IV_DJ for GTA4 (Music/Sound player for server)

I created this sound menu because the Half-Life engine games had something called HL_DJ which gave you the opportunity to play your own sound files Ingame through the microphone function.

IV_DJ works the same way, and gives a great quality Ingame.
Here is a video!

Change GTA4 Multiplayer name through Console Ingame.